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Pub Crawl in Budapest

Budapest's longest running pub crawl

Pub Crawls are very well known in the western world. In the last decade young people found new ways to visit cities around the world: doing bar tours or so called pub crawls. You can even find the definition on Wikipedia. A pub crawl is basically a trip to local bars and pubs by a tour guide, who instead showing nice views and buildings, brings the young crowd to not so well known bars, and pubs, which give an authentic way of melting in the atmosphere of a city.

Pub crawl Budapest by Allnightcrash is the longest running and most authentic bar tour in the city led by young voluntaries who want to get new connections, and meet lot of people like themselves. It specializes it's pub crawls in ruin pubs around the seventh district of Budapest which is also known as the party area. In the last 10-15 years this district became one of the most frequented place by foreigners for it's vivid nightlife and moderate prices. Well let's face it all prices are moderate in Hungary compared to Western European countries.

The best of all, is that they not only offer a standard pub crawl in Budapest's streets, but you can also choose beer tours (craft beers are spreading in Hungary made by real micro breweries), or they can even help you to organize private crawls, where you can be with and only with your friends. Well this is also a possibility, but let's face it, it's better to be with many new people, and share the experience together. Cocktail bar tours can also be very pleasing, but it is not something that is so special in the city like ruin bars for example which is definitely a Hungarian invention.

If you come to Budapest you should definitely check out and crawl with us, we leave at 9PM from Budapest, Oktogon 1, 1066, or you can call us on +36 (70) 771 1775.