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Emergency dentist

immediate help for everyone

Root canal treatment or wisdom tooth extraction, both are usually preceded by big pain. Emergency dentist is an urgent dental service in London serving dental patients since 2008. Two surgeries, well trained dentists, nurses and assistants make up our dental clinic. The power of Emergency Dental Clinic and Implant Centre lies in the professional service that it provides, day after day.

Having a strict patient management system, we make sure that our dental patients in an urgent need get the best possible treatment, in the shortest time frame, same-day or one day after the initial phone call. We usually can offer a free spot within 24 hours at We are a London Dentist who really cares about everyone suffering from oral issues. Oral health is our main focus, we do basically all the procedures from general to cosmetic dentistry, as well as orthodontic treatments. We have oral surgeons and orthodontists available throughout the week. Dental surgeons usually are required for more serious treatments, like removing wisdom teeth.

It is less known, but many times hard tooth extractions has to be done by men, simply because of the power required to pull out the tooth. In any ways, of course we use local anesthesia to reduce the pain to the maximum possible.

If you ever come to London you can find us at: 8F Gilbert Place, London WC1A 2JD. Our phone number is 020 3199 6234.